Shanghai Simart

Shanghai Jianling (SIMART) is a technical company devoted to industrial technology and R&D. Our understanding of technology is simple and smart.
“Simple” means simplicity and simplification.”Smart” stands for dexterity and is the mystery of science and technology. Because of this, all of our businesses revolve around simplicity and agility. Our slogan: Turn complexity into simplicity, win-win in future!

Our business

Shanghai Jianling is a customer demand-oriented company, focusing on providing customers with high-quality, affordable products, thus bringing customers technological improvement and cost reduction. Our main business: development and production of stamid ® series, engineering plastic bearings, engineering plastics bushes, linear bearings, sliding bearings, linear guide systems, clamp bearings, precision injection parts, engineering plastic customized products, and other related machinery accessories.


  • To become the most professional and cost-effective supplier of mechanical parts.